About Us

Sylvio Eckermann
Co-founder / Director

Big E started off life a much smaller e, but an E nonetheless. Expressive, efficient, entertaining and distinctly European he set about gaining an education, obtaining a Diploma of Engineering and Architecture and then a Masters of Architecture and Arts. After gaining some practical experience in Germany he added another ‘e’ to his CV and emigrated to Australia for some sand and sun. Applying his European design sensibilities to his new environment Big E has earned a reputation for designing beautiful flowing spaces with unexpected and innovative design details; a hidden outdoor shower here, what appears to be a floating house over there. The result has been a following of delighted homeowners, thrilled with the exquisite attention to detail in their new home, and strong rapports with the builders involved, equally thrilled with the comprehensive design and drawing process Big E adheres to.

Agostino Maio
Senior Architectural Documenter
With a particular interest in the redevelopment and reinvigoration of Melbourne for over a decade, he has been employed in design and architecture since 1999 and run his own business for the last seven years. It wasn’t until after he gained four years of experience that he decided to go back to university to learn more about the topic. He attended the Milan Polytechnic University on a student exchange while he was studying his Bachelor of Architecture Design at RMIT. On the weekend he has an interest in historical and period architecture and when he isn’t working, he can be found enjoying live music or restoring vintage cars.
Hanieh Hajian Macagnano
Graduate Architect
Hanieh Hajian has been interested in architecture and design for a number of years and achieved a Masters in Architecture from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. She has brought this interested to large multinational corporation and shared her knowledge at universities, and undertaken research on the subject.
She specialises in innovative architectural interventions and architectural history with the goal of creating beautiful spaces and offering inspiring design solutions. She wants to break out of the mold of current designs which she views as bland.
In her spare time she enjoys travelling, trend setting, social media, 3D modelling and virtual reality.

Marisa Feitosa
Graduate Architect

With proven experience in architecture and the wisdom of a worldly traveller, Marisa brings together the rarest traits of modern interior design: limitless inspiration and artistic confidence. Marisa studied in Brazil, Portugal and Amsterdam and brings to e+mc2 a unique mix of cultural influences, making her an invaluable part of e+mc2’s well-rounded design team.

Marisa has owned her own architecture and interior design firm - specialising in fine decor, industrial & commercial spaces and bespoke furniture - and believes a willingness to combine styles is the secret to effective design. Marisa is endlessly eager, enthusiastic, and takes pride in ensuring clients have their wildest dreams realised. When not designing, she likes exploring the world’s secret spots, enjoying live music, and dancing.

James Barrigan
Architectural Documenter

...coming soon...

James McKenzie
Assessment Co-ordinator

Interested in architectural research James is studying towards his Masters of Property at The University of Melbourne and has been interested in design and development since he was a child. Having always attended open homes with his parents and helping with the construction of the family home there is an ingrained interest to say the least.

James wishes to make an impact on Melbourne’s future landscape and become fully immersed in the planning and development process.

James is responsible for creating due diligence and feasibility reports for clients and in-house development sites. Studying towards his Masters is having a positive impact on his ability to perform the duties of his role as Assessment Co-ordinator.

He is a sports lover and supports the Geelong Cats. Seeing live music at gigs is his other area of interest when he isn’t working.