Leading a shift toward contemporary suburban liveability and amenity

South Kingsville’s low density traditional-style housing scape is undergoing a shift of modernisation, and our New Street townhouse development is poised to lead the change by satisfying its two most crucial needs: dwelling yield and amenity. As local government’s vision to enhance the suburb’s general liveability takes shape, our New St townhouses will set the standard with a crucial mix of contemporary style and practicality.

This development, with its simple contemporary aesthetic, features four townhouses and has been designed to maximise liveable spaces.

The ground floor courtyards and private, independent bathrooms will suit young families perfectly. Living spaces have been arranged to make adequate use of natural light; the division between entertaining areas downstairs and private areas upstairs will ensure all family members find space – and harmony – within distinct zones. Given South Kingsville’s noted reputation as an affordable area neighboured by comparatively unaffordable areas, it was imperative the design of our townhouses allowed accessibility to everyday homebuyers.