An undisputed jewel in Templestowe’s crown

With its bold architecture and regal polish, this Templestowe jewel is an undisputed dream home nestled in one of Melbourne’s most illustrious suburbs. Suited perfectly for retired executive couples, our Lempriere Court project is a triumph of bold bespoke design.

The design ensures its aesthetic is conformed to a complete and consistent vision. The result is truly remarkable.

This property showcases a vigourous synthesis of landscape design, interior layout, interior finish, and outdoor living spaces.

Uninitiated visitors will immediately note the way in which all living spaces coalesce into a single harmonious flow; bedrooms lead to indoor and outdoor living areas with luxurious ease. It was crucial this home followed the opulent verve of the surrounding neighbourhood while still honouring the principles of practical living; that equilibrium has undoubtedly been reached.